They talk to… Before the arrival of Quetzalcoatl, the aztecs ate only roots and animals they hunted. they didn’t have corn, since this cereal was hidden behind the mountains. the old gods tried to separate them with its colossal strenght, but failed. the aztecs went to put the problem to quetzalcoatl.-I will bring it for you- he replied. the mighty god used his cunning and not his strenght to separate the mountains.
he became a black ant and accompanied by a red ant, went to the mountains. the road was full of difficulties, but quetzalcoatl exceeded. thinking only of his people ant their needs of food, he made great efforts and did not give up before the fatigue and difficulties.

QUETZALCOATL  REACHED  WHERE  WAS THE  corn, HE took a mature grain in its jaws and returned. upon arrival, he delivered the promised maiz grain to the hungry aztecs. 
they planted the seed and obtained the maíz which has since then  planted and harvested. the precious grain  increased their wealth, they became stronger, built cities, palaces, temples… and then THEY lived happily .


from that moment, the aztecs worshiped the generous Quetzalcoatl, the god friend of men, the god who brought them the MAÍZ.