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Enchiladas of dry red pepper (piquin pepper).

Time: 35 min.   Servings: 12    Very Spicy.

1 cup of dry red pepper.
1 great onion.
4 teeth of garlic
½ cup of oil ¼ cup of water
Salt (to your taste)
24 tortillas.
125 grams of old dry cheese.
1 thin slice of white onion.

Grill in a pan the red pepper and boil it for 15 minutes, next, drain them to soften the spicy flavor. Fry in 3 spoons of hot oil the sliced onion and the garlic. Tossed them with the red pepper, adding one cup of water and salt to your teste. In a casserole with ¼ of cup of oil, pig butter or lard, seasoning the sauce to regular fire for 20 minutes until the grease is flouting. Immerse the Tortillas one by one in the sauce (enchiladas). Remove them and place them in a plate. Once covered with the sauce (enchiladas,) sprinkle them with the shredded cheese and eat them immediately.
They can be served like appetizer or garnish for some meat (or chicken).


Egg with corn crumbs Mexican style.

Time: 15 min.    Servings: 4        Mild Spicy.
1 cup of diced tomato
½ cup of diced onion.
2 teeth of garlic diced finely.
3 serrano pepper or pepper tree
½ pig butter or lard cup
½ oil cup.
4 corn tortillas.
8 eggs.


Cut the tortillas in little squares (crumbs) and let them air so they get a little dried. Fry the onion and garlic in the lard, add the peppers. Fry the crumbs of tortilla in very hot oil and keep them. Warm up the pepper sauce and once the lard had been separated add the eggs previously beaten with salt, stirring them slowly with the sauce. Before it gets boiled add the tortillas squares. Cook them until they are tender.


Motuleños eggs.

Time: 15 min.      Servings: 4        Not Spicy.
6 spoons of sliced onion.
3 teeth of garlic
½ spoon of dust cumin
¼ of teaspoon of dry thyme
½ oil cup.
2 cups of peeled and seeded tomato skin
12 corn tortillas.
12 eggs.
1 cup of fried beans.
200 grams of smoked ham in thick slices.
1 cup of boiled green peas.
200 gr. Of Dutch cheese or fat diced.


Fry the onion and the garlic until it cramps, Mix them with the thyme, cumin and little water. Add the tomato and the salt, and cook everything for 5 minutes to average fire. Add the green peas and the diced ham, heat the oil over hot, pass the tortillas trough it. Take 6 tortillas, spread one by one with beans covering each one with another tortilla from the six tortillas left. Put each pair of tortillas on plates, place the eggs (already cooked) on top of them and add the sauce and sparkle the diced cheese on top.


Tortilla soup.

Time: 30 min.      Servings: 6        Not Spicy.
3 teeth of garlic
½ onion cut in pieces.
3 clean ripped tomatoes, without seeds.
6 cups of chicken broth.
1 spoon of oil.
2 small branches of fresh epazote (wormseed).
Salt and black pepper just grounded.
10 corn tortilla strips fried in oil
2 to 3 hot peppers pasilla.
2 avocados diced in squares.
100 gr. dry pork skin
½ thick sour cream cups (not sweetened)
200 gr. of fresh cheese diced in squares.

Procedure: Roast the garlic and the onion on a pan. Mix in the blender the tomato with the garlic and the onion. In a casserole with a spoon of oil, fry the mixture for 5 minutes; reduce heat to low, stir until the puree thickens. Add the broth of chicken and the epazote (wormseed). Let it boil, seasoned with salt and pepper to your taste. Slice the peppers in rings, and take away the seeds. Fry them for few minutes until they get crunchy. Warm up the soup and add the fried tortillas. Serve with the pepper ring, avocado and pork skin. The cheese and the cream go in separated dishes, so that each companion at table uses at his/her pleasure.



Dogfish Tacos (tacos de cazón)
Time: 60 min.      Servings: 6      Mild Spicy.

1 kilogram of dogfish in pieces.
1 lemon.
6 water cups.
5 teeth of garlic.
2 onions
½ liter of oil.
6 jalapeño peppers.
2 leaves of acuyo or Santa herb.
Salt and pepper.
24 tortillas. .
1 sauce cup.
1 Roman lettuce.
2 tomatoes.
Small wood sticks

Procedure: Wash the fish with water and marinate it with the lemon juice. Put to boil the water with two teeth of garlic and half onion. When it starts boiling, add the fish in pieces and let it cook in a low hit by 15 minutes. Drain it, scale it and remove the skin and chop it. In 4 spoons of hot oil, fry pricked garlic, sliced onion and the pepper without seed and cut in strips. When the onion is transparent, add the chopped fish and the chopped leaves of acuyo or Santa herb. Let it season for 15 minutes. Pass the tortillas through hot oil, take them out and place the fish in the tortilla, wrapping it like a taco and ensure them inserting the wood sticks. In the rest of the hot oil, fry the tacos until they are well fried, drain them on paper towels and take away the wood sticks before serving. Serve them with tomato sauce mixed with dry pepper, place in a dish, lettuce salad and tomato.


Stuffed tortillas of seafood with thread cheese (Oaxaca)

Time: 50 min.     Servings: 6       Not Spicy.
½ kilo of shrimp cleaned
½ kilo of white  and firm fish fillet
4 dozens of clams
250 gr. of tomato.
250 gr. of onion
1 large bell green pepper (morron pepper)
4 teeth of garlic.
2 leaves of laurel.
4 spoonfuls of lard or pork butter.
24 corn tortillas
½ kilo of thread cheese (Oaxaca)
Salt and ground black pepper.

Procedure: Boil the fish in water with laurel, 2 teeth of garlic and the skin of the onions for 5 minutes, do not let them tear. Once it is boiled take the fish away from the broil to chop it up. Add the shrimps and the clams in the broil and cook them for 5 minutes. Chop the seafood, the tomato, the onion, the garlic and the bell large green pepper. Fry the vegetables in a spoon of lard or pork and season with salt and ground black pepper. Add the seafood and the fish. It must be left a little dry. The tortillas are folded making a taco and are filled up with the stew, the cheese is added, and they are put to fry in a plain pan or frying pan with a little lard until the cheese is melted. Serve them with sauce.


Duck tacos style fried pork meat in green sauce.

Time: 4 hours 14 min.       Servings: 6               Not Spicy.
1 duck of approx 2 kilos.
2 water cups.
1 ½ kilos of lard or pork butter
½ bunch of coriander (cilantro) finely chopped
1 onion medium size finely pricked.
18 tortillas.

6 green tomatoes.
10 green peppers.
1 avocado
¼ onion.
1 small bunch of parsley.
Salt to your taste.

Procedure: Cook the duck with the lard or butter and enough water until it covers it for 4 hours, heat in a low hit in a covered casserole or if you wish in the oven in the same way, to 200°c temperature. Take away the duck and remove the bones. After that fry it in the pan. Make the tacos and fold them putting them on the warm pan, finally sparkle the onion with chopped coriander (cilantro) and serve them with the sauce.
The sauce: Roast the green tomatoes and the hot peppers on a pan, taking care that they get roasted even, mix them with the rest of the ingredients, adding enough water.