Gastronomía mexicana de exportacion is an company located in the city of celaya, guanajuato (in central mexico) whose main mission is to export to anywhere in the world corn tortilla “nixtamalizada” and packaged for consumption and sale in restaurants, “taquerías”, industrial canteens and convenience stores under the trademark “guanajuato”.

Corn is the main ingredient in mexican cuisine. Such is the importance of this grain in mexico, that it is consumed twenty-three times more than rice, nine times more than beans and three times more than wheat.

  corn is consumed in various ways: as “pozole”, “huarache”, “chilatole”, “panucho”, “garnacha”, “atole”, “peneque”, etcetera. It is used in various dishes: dry, sweet or with a fungus that forms on it, better known as “huitlacoche”. But the biggest show of the corn tortilla is the taco… and when this wonderful invention involves any dish, it becomes the main entree of mexicans: the taco.


Prehispanic cultures discovered a remarkable process known as “nixtamalizacion”, allowing strip the kernels of undigested overlying skin using alkaline water, leading to these setting nutrients. The corn is thus enriched with calcium. Niacin is fixed preventing diseases such as pellagra and facilitates the calcification of bones and teeth, in addition to being a good source of dietary fiber.

Corn tortillas “guanajuato” contains no preservatives, meets the requirements for marketing. With his high-vacuum packaging gives a useful life of more than one year, without losing the original qualities of texture, consistency and flavor.

We invite you to enjoy the traditional taste of corn tortilla made in mexico. Great tacos, chips, enchiladas, chilaquiles, toast, etc. Bon appetit.